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"Imitation is the sincerest (form) of flattery." ~ Charles Caleb Colton (English Writer)
No matter how original or unique a person can think of himself/herself, we always start from imitations. I started when I was 3 years old, I used to "draw" (more like scribbling) characters like Batman, Donald Duck, Goku, etc. copying from my older brother's notebooks (not the computer... back in my days it meant paper you write notes onto). Ever since then, I've been obsessed in particular by one detail, which was always my starting (and ending) point of most of my drawings: the eyes, "the mirror of the soul".

"Keep Reading. Comment and Share. Or else..." (Almost) Realistic Eyes -  Angry Stare by Shight   

Nowadays I feel like I could learn the key points of any style of eyes if I put some effort. So, as I was trying to backtrack my learning process to hopefully find something useful for anyone passionate about eyes (aka someone crazy enough to trust me and try it out), I came up with those steps/phases/stages.

I suggest you don't read the next step until you've finished doing the previous one.

Ground Zero

The difference in eye styles are expressed through the change of certain patterns in a few key elements:
  • 1) Eyebrows.
  • 2) Eyelids.
  • 3) Iris.
  • 4) Eyes' size and distance.
  • 5) Wrinkles.
I'll walk you through the process by following the steps for the manga Toriko, which I've never drawn before, as an example.

Step 1: Research

Search and save a lot of reference images of your favourite anime/manga character. Save different angles and expressions images. If you're interested in Toriko: Toriko Ref Images

Step 2: Trace

  1. Open a new file on your drawing program (Photoshop, Sai Paint Tool, Clip Studio Paint, Gimp, etc.)*
  2. Put a few reference images in it, make them fit in and put them on lower Opacity (~30-50%). 
  3. Create a new layer on top of them and start tracing the eyes (yes, the dreadful sin of artists), copy the exact same eyes just like they were originally drawn. 
  4. Do it for multiple reference images and keep them in the same workspace.
For Traditional Artists, it's still possible to trace but you'd have to be more creative, like attaching the paper on the computer screen or print the images (remember the transparency) and then trace on top of it, or use a lamp underneath your paper.**

For those who're already thinking "Yeah, everyone is able to trace, this is stupid/pointless/wrong/I'm out"
Keep calm and continue reading.

Everything is dumb and pointless if you just stop at the first exercise drill.

The purpose is to fast track your ability to recognize the patterns of the style, with 100% accurate repetition.

In my case, I noticed that Toriko has:
1) Gull Wing Eyebrows that are thick in the first part and thin at the end, and at a very high angle.
2) One extra line for the upper eyelid, separated from it. One distinctive oblique line at the lateral canthus (the external meeting point between the upper and lower eyelids), usually it gives an asian look.
3) One small white circle in the Iris, which sometimes is totally black and sometimes it's white with a black dot.
4) The distance between the eyebrows is small, it's compensated by the thickness of them. The eyes are thin and sharp.
5) There is usually a wrinkle under the eyes and sometimes 2 lines, close to the nose, when he is more serious or angry.

You can collect those informations with observation but if you trace them, your hand will also catch the correct movements you have to make to draw the lines. It's up to you if you want to skip this step. If you're a beginner I recommend staying on this step a bit longer.

Step 2 by Shight
* I use Medibang Paint which is free:
** You can try this video I just found on youtube: [6 ways to copy, trace, or transfer any image onto paper]

Step 3:

  1. Keep all the references and your traces in sight, find some empty space and now try to copy a new pair of eyes without tracing, but with the reference close in sight. They can be the previous eyes you've traced (easier) or new reference images.
  2. Now, put the reference images invisible and try to reproduce the exact same drawings, this time without a visual aid, just from your memory. Wouldn't it be cool to surprise your friends and draw a famous character's eyes right off the bat?
Take your time with this step, if you really don't remember you can just take a look back.

The purpose is to reinforce the patterns you've discovered and re-draw the images without guidelines, kinda like taking off the wheels from a bicycle, and also to train your eye-hand coordination which is always useful even when you want to draw something from a high-resolution (not really for me) 3D game called Real Life.
Step 3 by Shight

Step 4: Create

Now you're going to create eyes from scratch, in the style that you've always liked. You can start with the reference in sight to check that whatever you're making up, it won't seem "too out of style".
  1. First, try drawing the eyes from different angles that you haven't seen so far, with the same expression and patterns used so far (keep in mind Eyebrows, Eyelids, Iris, Eyes' size and distance, Wrinkles).
  2. Next, you can improvise different emotions, expressions, but you need to understand better the mechanics of the facial muscles, the shape and tendencies we have when we experience certain emotions.
Step 4 by Shight 
Congratulation! You've finished how to draw any fanart eyes! The result still depends on your personal drawing skills, the lines control, your memorization abilities and practice time. The Tracing step could prove crucial to the speed of learning.
ALL by Shight

This process could actually be used to learn how to draw more stuff in a vacuum, out of context, which is rarely a good idea since it can easily disrupt the proportion and positioning balance.
It's much better to do the opposite, learn how to draw top-down, the whole first, and then zoom in to details. 
For example: 
1) Full-body from head to toe 
2) Upper Body or Lower Body 
3) Face, Bust, Arm, Legs, or Feet 
4) Eyes, Nose, Hair, Hands, and so on...

If you've read so far and you've decided to give it a try, share the results and let me know in the comments. If you have questions or problems with anything, let me know and I'll find you... a solution.

Lucid Nightmare:…
World Wide Manga:…
Dungeon Bondage:…
Adventures in Distress:…

My Youtube Speed-drawing videos#7 FLASH TIPS #1: SKETCHING
Yo everyone! This will be a collection of all the videos I'll upload on youtube. At the moment I only have a few Speed Drawings of some artworks I've posted here.
If you're interested in seeing a bit the process I go through when I draw, you can just slow it down with the Youtube options (I'm not sure if it's still too fast).
I'm still deciding on what content I will show on my future videos but it will probably be different and about tutorials/tips about how to draw.
If you're interested and you like my drawings, stay tuned! :)



#1: INTRO 

Blog #1: The Beginning
Blog #2: The importance of Internet 
Blog #3: Review of the week  
Blog #4: Review of the week
Blog #5: 3 steps to improve your art
Blog #6: Review of the week  
Blog #7: Review of the week
Blog #8: How to track progress in your art
Blog #9: Review of the week
Blog #10: 5 Questions to write your own story
Blog #11: How to commission an artist
Blog #12: How to avoid lower back pain for sitting

Facebook Page: [Shight92]


What to do: Leave a link and a small section about me, my services, on your main page (journal).
When: after we have an agreement and before you pay, for 2 weeks (more if you want).
  • Bonus 1 - if you have 10.000+ pageviews, -5$ discount
  • Bonus 2 - if you have 20.000+ pageviews, -10$ discount or 1 free extra sketch drawing
  • Bonus 3 - if you have 50.000+ pageviews, -20$ discount or 1 free extra bust (30$ worth)


If you have an original story or fanfiction in mind that you want illustrated so badly. I can also emulate styles. I can also help with the story as a reader or writer. In case paying for all the pages costs too much, you can select a few key points in your story to make me draw like a manga page or novel illustration.
Dungeon Bondage - Page 01 by Shight  Lucid Nightmare Cover by Shight  

--Fanart/Original Character Illustration/Design with Simple BG--

If you have a fantasy romance between your OC and a character, or fighting side by side or against, or maybe an original character design for rpg like d&d, pathfinder or others. 


CHIBI COMMISSION EXTRA - TERRY BOGARD by Shight CHIBI ME - WRITING by Shight  CHIBI ME - DRAWING by Shight  Extra Chibi - Snk Commission by Shight
Bust || Half

WIP - Naruto Hokage by Shight  FANART - Black Goku by Shight  FANART - Black Ash by Shight FANART COMPLETE COLOR - Saitama and Deku VS ...? by Shight 


COMMISSION - ATTACK ON TITAN by Shight Archer vs Shirou by Shight  FANART DND - GROUP by Shight


A different gift from the usual "useful" and predictable presents.

Realistic or Anime version

Self-Portrait by Shight DRAWME / DRAWIE - Reverse Cosplay Colored by Shight DRAWME / DRAWIE - Reverse Cosplay Lineart by Shight

Note me here on Deviantart or other Social Media, with what you want to commission me and I'll give you an estimate price.



Yo Everyone,

I’ve been struggling in my life with backpain, neck pain, wrist pain, eye strain, every-goddamn-pain, mainly caused by the many consecutive hours I’ve spent and still spend sitting in front of my computer drawing, writing, reading, etc. no care or awareness to my posture.

So I thought about doing some research, and medical advices I got for prevention and remedy, and I would like to share what I’ve found to hopefully help you avoid every-goddamn-pain.

It’s stuff we’ve all seen or been told, more or less, over and over again, but "Common sense is often not so common".


Here’s some research data:

About 60 to 80% of the adult U.S. population has low back pain, and it is the second most common reason people go to the doctor. Low back problems affect the spine’s flexibility, stability, and strength, which can cause pain, discomfort, and stiffness.

Back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under 45 years old. Each year 13 million people go to the doctor for chronic back pain. The condition leaves about 2.4 million Americans chronically disabled and another 2.4 million temporarily disabled.”


I don't (I do) want to scare you, it’s not going to kill you, relax, just chronic pain, to the point you can’t hold a pen or sit on a chair.

First and foremost, I'm not a doctor and this is not direct medical advice, if you have immediate great pain go seek medical advice for god sake. But you don’t have to wait that level of pain to be informed about how to prevent it by yourself.

If you're not a very active person, AVOID SITTING as much as possible.

“Based on a study of more than 220,000 residents in New South Wales, researchers found that the longer you spend sitting down every day, the higher the risk of dying prematurely, even if you engage in regular daily exercise. The study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, found that adults who sat for more than 11 hours a day had a 40 percent increased risk of dying within 3 years– from any cause– compared with those who sat for less than 4 hours a day. In addition, the chances of dying were 15 percent higher for those who sat 8-11 hours a day, compared to those who sat less than 4 hours a day."


The lesson is... Get to 4 hours sitting. Or at least 11 hours max. So what if you can’t because of work/passion/hobbies? Do the same when you don’t have time, money, or any precious resource, prioritize and cut waste to 0. 

Always find a way to stand up in every situation that doesn’t require sitting:

- Waiting on Transportations: be kind and offer the seat or be even kinder to sit and sacrifice your back instead of theirs? Big dilemma.

- Organize your workplace: stand up desk or at least good ergonomic chairs/tables. If you work at home, you can get creative... I'm sure the inventor of shoe box would be amazed to see what it's being used for...

- Regular breaks: set an alarm on your phone so that every 30 min at work to remind you to stand up, ideally exercise or even just strech your body, neck, shoulder and arms for at least 1-2 min.

- Using your phone on the couch/Watching TV/Videos: reduce or cut the time, or maybe find a way to do it while standing or do some small stretching exercise while watching from time to time.

Whatever, you get the point. Be creative in finding new ways to combine pleasure or work with health. 


WARNING: if you used to never even move (like me), start with smaller and easier exercises, focusing on the correct position since you’ll be less tolerant and possibly cause more pain.

A) While sitting or standing, consciously change your lower back position and alternate between straight back (forming the "S" curve), to relaxed back and curved (lower back, not slouching), and then straight up, keep doing it back and forth for 30 sec - 1 min. 

B) Yoga: with a mat, strenghten your core: child’s pose, cat stretch, modified cobra, superman, glute stretch, etc.……

C) Plank: strenghtens your core muscles for the lower back, which might be too weak and therefore be in pain when they're stressed.

D) Egoscue exercise:

While you’re sitting, POSTURE:

1) Keep your back straight. ALWAYS. My former manga teacher, disciple of the father/god of manga (Tezuka), a hard-working Mangaka lady for over 30 years, always told me that keeping the back straight made a huge difference between her and her collegues full of back pain.

2) Don’t slouch forward. Keep neck and shoulders in line with your straight back. 

3) Get a nice posture on your chair. It’s a long serie of positioning so:…

To get into the habit, you can try to set a reminder to check and focus on your posture for a few seconds.

Further Tips for people who work or like drawing a lot

1) Exercises for wrist/hand to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome: 

- Wrist extension/flexion stretching against the wall or a table: there are many ways you can find on youtube to get the visual and motion technique.

- The prayer stretching: put your hands together in the praying position close to your chest and lower your hands in that position while keeping your elbows high

2) Draw with your shoulder, forearm, not just your fingers or wrist. (Common tip you can google it). Get a little extra equipment or creative, and try new drawing positions or workplace.

3) For shoulder pain, this is personal, not a researched exercise (maybe it exists), but it has helped me instantly.
Squeeze your shoulder blades together as hard as you can to get them close and then extend the opposite way, strech them as far as you can from each other.

I’ll give this a try personally and see what seems to work or not for me. If you want, you can share and let me know if something has already worked for you or you know some good alternatives that do, thanks for reading and share if you think more people should be aware of this. 

World Wide Manga - Quest 0 Press Start by Shight

EDIT: I'm going to close down this project and stop for undetermined period time because I need to focus on solving some more important problems in my life right now. I'm sorry for all the people who contributed even though it was just an amateurish project, I hope to give you back soon with something more amazing.

A 4-Panel Interactive Manga each Monday. The protagonist (Me) plays Virtual Reality games and on his journey he will interact with characters chosen from the audience!
You can partecipate with your own Original Characters or even your real self in the story! 
I wanted to create an interesting project involving the audience to contribute and actually BE IN THE SHOW. Wouldn't it be cool to say "I am/my character is in this manga!"? 

Treat it like a free drawing request or comic portrait. You can also get extra views since I will credit your name in the description.

All you need to do is leave your character or your photo in a comment here or Tapastic or Webtoon Line.
You can send it to me on my FB page if you prefer more privacy.
All copyrights will still be yours and all informations shared will be used only for this project.

Don't worry if I don't reply, I will after I've drawn your character so I can remember and keep it in mind.

Bullet; Red - If you comment/note me with your OC or photo you authorize me to use and change your OC/Persona as I see fit (drawing style and outfit) for this project and this project ONLY.
Bullet; Red - If not specified, I may make the character's personality fit into my stories based on my own interpretations.
Bullet; Red - Your OC/Persona will be credited in each episode it appears.


Yo everyone! This will be a collection of all the videos I'll upload on youtube. At the moment I only have a few Speed Drawings of some artworks I've posted here.
If you're interested in seeing a bit the process I go through when I draw, you can just slow it down with the Youtube options (I'm not sure if it's still too fast).
I'm still deciding on what content I will show on my future videos but it will probably be different and about tutorials/tips about how to draw.

If you're interested and you like my drawings, stay tuned! :)






#1: INTRO 


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